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Thinking of starting a new blog very soon. It will be Nikola powered, of course...

The idea is that it will be about issues for younger (teens/twenty-something) geeks and hackers. There is already http://bluehackers.org/ but I want to provide a perspective and limited discussion on growing up and integrating with other people our age and not so much about dealing with mental illnesses.

I thought about this a lot last night and there is a *lot* of content to cover. Everything from my own lessons learned, discussion on the problems technology (and privacy) aware geeks face, general PSA's...

I can't help wondering how valid or appropriate some of my personal commentary would be. I doubt I have any controversial opinions, but I do worry about saying something wrong or something that I may regret saying publicly.
I would expect that anyone who thinks for himself/herself will have some controversial opinions. That in itself is not a reason not to start your blog.

I would be concerned about
  • having enough time to devote to writing blog articles and responding to comments so that site visitors have a reason to return regularly
  • whether you are able to tolerate commenters whose worldviews are quite different from yours
  • where to draw the line on your own content and on comments
  • preventing spam comments (spam chases away legitimate visitors)
  • whether to have occasional articles by guest-writers
You may (or may not) want to think about how something you write could affect your employment after graduation.

If you have the time to put into it, I hope you go for it.

lnxwalt@microca.st at 2013-11-17T04:32:21Z

Controversial is not bad. By definition.

Wrong sucks a little. But that's why we write publicly, in part, I think. For corrections and refinements. What would really suck is never figuring out where you were wrong.

Douglas Perkins at 2013-11-17T06:08:00Z

Yeah that's exactly what I am thinking (execpt for the Spam, that's actually pretty easy to deal with). I might just sit on the idea for a bit longer and if it keeps buzzing around my head for long enough I'll just do it.

Guest writers would be really awesome.

I might just draft some articles and if it looks like the idea is robust then I'll bring it public.

ddevine@identi.ca at 2013-11-23T07:47:26Z