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Ugh, I think the problem that has held up the implementation I am working on for a few days was due to my own arrogance... I enabled some functionality which I didn't really understand and actually interfered and broke things. Good thing I went off the clock to solve this one :)

And again, the key to finding a solution was simply writing a message asking for help - and then realising the solution before I had even sent it.

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Though, in my defence - the debug output from the components I am using was fucking useless.

I ended up writing my first bit of PHP in many years to get the information that I really needed. It was really obvious stuff that should have been in the debug output! I may push a patch upstream.

ddevine@identi.ca at 2013-12-04T04:12:18Z

Rubber ducking ftw. We have started doing regular code reviews in the office, and as a result I have started shaping things up in anticipation of having to explain my code to someone. “He is going to ask why I am doing doing this thing here. Why am I doing this thing here? I think I have to because foo, but I'm not sure. Hey, that's not too difficult to find out, I'll try it out now.”

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