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Legalize Ferrets in California!

I'm not normally one for petitions, but as a #ferret lover, this is actually somewhat important to me. I've long wanted to live in California, but one limitation is that my beloved fuzzies cannot come with me legally. :(

Joel Anderson: Introduce Ferret Legalization Legislation


Ferrets are legal in 48 states.  They are banned in California without any valid reason.  We are having a tough time getting our legislation introduced because it is seen as a trivial issue. It isn't trivial to those of us who have ferrets, and California has more ferrets than any other states.  The ban prevents:

Fully enjoying our ferrets, currently we can't take them outside Going to the vet without fear of benig turned in Getting the necessary permits such as security clearances, foster care parents, etc Visiting friends and relatives in California for out of staters who wish to travel with their ferret.

What does the ban accomplish?  As they have learned in New York City, not much and nothing of value.  It's time to do it for the little guy and give us the hearing we as citizens of this great state deserve.
What's the 2nd state? NYC?

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