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Redmatrix 2.3 High Range, New South Wales, Australia - 18 March, 2015

Greetings from the Redmatrix development team. We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of Redmatrix 2.3, our privacy enhanced decentralised web publishing and communications platform.

GeoLocation We added the ability to optionally generate a map for photos in your photo albums which contain GPS or other location information. This is disabled by default.

OpenID Your Redmatrix hub is now also an OpenID provider.

Account Delegation Channels can delegate other channels (local or remote) to maintain their personal or forum channels. The delegatees are able to perform most operations that the channel owner can with the exception of modifying or removing the basic channel (including permissions) or accessing other information from the channel owner's account.

Affinity Tool By default new connections are now created with an affinity of 80 instead of 99, so that you can decrease the affinity of noisy channels, even if you've previously had the affinity tool turned off. For those folks who don't know what I'm talking about, this is a 'zoom' control for your social stream. You can 'zoom in' to just your closest friends and important connections, or 'zoom out' and see stuff from other folks you really don't care about but might want to look at "later".

Upload/Link A number of toolbar buttons were available to upload various content sources and link to different types of remote media (audio/video, images, URLs, etc.). We've reduced this to two buttons. One uploads content from your local machine, one links content from elsewhere. Both of these functions have been made smart enough to figure out what kind of content you're dealing with and create the appropriate editor tags and/or files.

Editor Toolbar The editor toolbar for the post editor was made "mostly" consistent with the comment editor, with the same text style options. The layout was also improved on smaller or handheld devices.

Settings Mario has been super busy cleaning up all the settings pages and making them more usable (from any device). Really, check it out. The settings are much more cleanly represented and simplified. This is part of the mobile device accessibility work which is ongoing.

Queue Manager Started work on providing more intelligent queue management to allow hub administrators to drill down on potential or real issues. This work is ongoing.

Documentation We've stopped providing the auto-generated programmer's reference documentation in the git. Those that need it can generate it locally. We've started a push to clean up and enhance the existing documentation. This work is ongoing.

Tab Order No big deal but some of the input boxes have had tab priority applied so you can enter a comment or post, TAB and return to send it.

Icons Some icons were changed to be more consistent, in particular "trash" icons are now used instead of X icons to indicate something to be deleted.

Bug fixes etc. 230 commits during this period. Over half of these were bug fixes.

New addons (project repository) rainbowtag - add some colour to your tagclouds.

New themes (Sean Tilley's repository) nova - new occupant - ongoing

You can pick up Redmatrix 2.3 at github [#^] and/or you can join a public site by visiting #^ . If you just want to find out more, please visit #^ .

GeoLocation would probably be more useful for events (for the venue locations rather than where the users are so would need to be stored separately - use locations cannot be used for that because the user might not even be in the same city when they post about an event coming up!)

Queue Manager Started work on providing more intelligent >queue management to allow hub administrators to drill down >on potential or real issues. This work is ongoing.

sounds interesting .. thinking I should spend some time working out some sensible way to manage those background polling processes (in friendica too - that needs it even more)

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