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I know some people probably don't like Chelsea Manning for her involvement in leaking classified information, but punishing someone with indefinite solitary confinement for an attempted suicide is about as inhumane as our prison system can get. It's bad enough that the prison system refuses to recognize her gender transition, and is all too happy to put her alongside male inmates without any consideration for personal safety.

This situation just sounds hellish all around. You may think that this is a justified way to treat a prisoner, but frankly nobody deserves this.

#^Chelsea Manning Faces New Charges, Indefinite Solitary Confinement Related to Suicide Attempt


LEAVENWORTH, Kan. — Imprisoned whistleblower Chelsea Manning received a document from Army officials today informing her that she is being investigated for serious new charges related to her July 5th attempt to take her own life. If convicted of these “administrative offenses,” she could be placed in indefinite solitary confinement for the remainder of her decades-long sentence.

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The alleged "reasoning" behind this is so outrageous!

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