how FLOS-projects create legal backing

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How might FLOSS project participants organize themselves with legal backing of their particular business or non-profit values? 

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A US non-profit must be governed by people who do not directly benefit from its activities. Staff can be reimbursed for work, but not build ownership rights. On the other hand, a co-op serves the mutual benefit of its members. So co-op members own and profit from selected-shared activities.

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shared services co-operatives

It hasn't been easy to find a good short description of a shared services co-operative, but I think it could serve software developers and license holders. For an example, the Maine Electrical Alliance is a shared-services co-op with a practical description of their services to their membership of installation contractors.

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tech co-ops could share professional services

Organizations with GNU and FLOS projects could share costs of legal services etc, by forming shared-services co-operatives. For example, lawyers hired by members of the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA) share support of/from its co-op bar association.

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