'Co-operatives' in Obama-Care reform: left-right common ground

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This week after failed effort to repeal the Affordable Care Act, two influential US Republicans list health-co-ops among good alternatives, I find that interesting because co-ops are based on principles found where US left and right meet.

Notice DaLay endorsing Rand Paul on co-ops in interview: failed-house-vote-is-a-great-opportunity-for-republicans-former-house-leader-say ❌, ❌ likes this. ❌, ❌, Dana shared this.

Crystal-ball on Obama-care reform slogans: "co-operative health organizations are democratically owned", and "Co-operatives are fiscally conservative". All co-op policies must ultimately serve the interests of member-owners and members can have very individual interests. So policies standing the test of member support end up being very careful.

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Wouldn't it be nice if lefties and tea-party types could help member-owned co-operatives compete more fairly with non-member owned health insurance? The word "entitlement" has bad press in the US, but stir-in a right to transfer one's government aid into your co-op of choice and maybe it would work. I'd predict comparisons to school vouchers, for better or worse.

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