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The problem with Dave is he likes to slag things off such as the Tories, the royal family and a multitude of other subjects that I hold an opposing view on yet when I make similar comments about unemployment, socialism etc, he throws his nappy against the wall. Shades of "Can give it but cant take it spring to mind." shame really as he's not a bad lad, and most of the time I'm just winding him up like loads of others do to me on a daily basis. Oh well, ho hum.
Pete, the problem with me is that, for a number of reasons, I've had enough winding up. It doesn't do me or those around me any good. So, if all you can do is troll me on Twitter on the rare occasions (these days) that I actually dare to express any of my opinions, which you already know are almost certainly contrary to your own and the fairy (news) stories we're spoonfed by the mainstream media then, no, I don't want to carry on any kind of social interaction with you here, there or anywhere else. What's the point? You probably think it's a great laugh, still, but I'm fed up with it.

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