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I thought you'd blocked me? Clearly not. You know I did just spend the last five minutes typing an explanation but you know what? I cant be bothered to give a fluffy response. You feel it's OK to say stuff about things that wind me up and I'm supposed to sit there and say nothing? However you run around bitching when I dare to say something that winds you up? No problem, you've blocked me, excellent, do I care? Not really. Do I feel like I've done anything that warrants an apology? Definitely not!
Clearly blocking, which hardly worked on SN, doesn't even feature with the mighty Pump. I didn't follow you on Twitter (i.e., I was happilty ignoring your insane drivel), but you chose to troll me there and then follow-up with it on That's when I told you to fuck off and blocked you, for what it was worth. I wasn't and am not asking for an apology. Just leave me the fuck alone.

Dvd Mrsdn at 2013-07-12T13:37:08Z