Peter Cannon

Three windows

Peter Cannon at

So tyhe one on the left is logged in with the name Peter Cannon (You cant see that) on the right is the account supposedly logged in from using my credentials but as you can see a pretty useless page.

The one in the middle is me logged into with my credentials and that has a timeline but of it's own.

I take the view the window top right should refelect bottom middle which in turn should be drawn across by the left window?

Jesus I just want one timeline with all the streams from all the servers, how hard can it be? I'm trying not to say horrid things about I really am but stuff like this leaves me no choice and folks cant say it's me or deny it's a problem, I've given screenshot evidence for Pete's sake!
Peter Cannon is a separate account from dick_turpin, so of course your timeline will be different, because both your accounts (probably) follow different people and different people follow each of your accounts. And even if I'd follow both your accounts (which I do, maybe) I might decide to share a post with your account but not with your account. So your timelines might be similar, if you follow the same people, but they will never be identical. And even if everyone would treat both your accounts identically, your timeline will STILL be different, because your own posts will of course only appear in one account. My advice would be to use one account and leave a note on the other one, so your followers can find you again.

axel668 (inactive) at 2013-07-14T15:54:46Z

Peter: when you are logged in, what you see on the "Home" page is all the stuff from people you follow. Your and accounts follow different people. It sounds like you want to have a global public timeline, which we don't have yet. See

Evan Prodromou at 2013-07-14T16:11:59Z

Peter Cannon likes this.

Aha Evan Prodromou you're a genius, that's exactly it. I shall now sit and eat a Magnum ice cream with a smug look on my face.

Peter Cannon at 2013-07-14T16:29:51Z

You're like a dog with a bone. To head off the exclamation of despair that's coming. The public firehose of data will only be posts that are marked as public. Anything marked as just to people's followers will presumably not be on the public stream. And since, once again, your Identica account and your microcast account are completely separate entities you will still see different activity on the completely separate streams.

rpcutts at 2013-07-15T08:49:43Z