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It would seem I don't 'get' (Understand) this stuff? How it's Federated in any way, shape, or form is beyond me. As you can clearly see the time line on these two servers (Top left: & are totally different.

The ability to log into A-another server with my account(s) credentials I understand but I thought the idea was to have, in effect, a mirrored stream across the servers irrespective of the server you are logged into surly that's Federation isn't it?

So if I understand it correctly if I stay on or A-another server or have my own instance as Evan Prodromou wants us to have so that it eases the load on, for example, how the hell am I supposed to see the conversations on what are in effect hundreds of mini little communities? That's not Federated, it's not even progress in my book, services should draw outsiders in not create multiple islands on the internet.

Just saying. :-)

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When I go to another server, and use my Webfinger ID, it logs me in (as seen in the status line) but I am brought back to the login page. Are you logging in to your account which has a different following list. What I find most troubling is that there seems to be no ability to search for people. at 2013-07-14T13:44:49Z