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Oddly unable to reply to your original note and comment, so doing so here.

If you didn't post anything to your old spaetz@Identi.ca account between 1 May 2012 and the recent conversion to pump.io, then your identi.ca account was considered inactive for the purposes of said conversion, and is now - for the purposes of this conversation - an ex-identi.ca account, deceased, dearly departed, not of this world, and, most certainly, clinically dead. My condolences.

If, on the other hand, you did post something between 1 May and the pump.io conversion, you can ask Evan Prodromou if he can help you to resuscitate your old identi.ca account's pale, lifeless body.

But, to be honest, unless you have a pressing need, I suggest you're as well sticking with your shiny, new microca.st account.

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Thanks für the reply. I am sure I have used identi.ca after May 2012, however, I do not have sentimental feelings for my old identi.ca handle. Just trying to learn the ropes of pump.io

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