Aaron Toponce at 2014-08-12T23:45:09Z

I called the local Microsoft store, to see if they had any USB 3.0 cables. Specifically, male A to male micro B.

Now, I know that asking salesmen to be technically competent is a lot to ask. Asking salesmen to be technically competent at a technical retail store should be agreeable. Regardless, I should expect them to at least know the products they sell, or how to look them up in their inventory.

Here was the conversation on the phone:

Me: Do you sell any USB 3.0 cables?
Salesman: USB 3.0... USB 3.0... USB 3.0... I'm not seeing this USB. What are these used for?
Me: Uhm, data transfer? You know, to and from your computer?

/me facepalm

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