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Paul, I'll put your account on my list of accounts to delete. Just to be clear: there are going to be no new identi.ca accounts, so once you're gone, you're gone. Let me know if you do want to stay.

I have put some time and effort into preserving important URLs on the site. In particular, notices URLs, conversation URLs, and user profile URLs. However, when you transfer to a new piece of software, a lot of stuff doesn't stay. So things like the search results page, or the user replies page, are somewhere else.

This is new software, though, and sometimes I get it wrong. If you see particular URLs not working, let me know. If you see a class of content URLs that you think can and should be redirecting, let me know that, too.

Not all user accounts were converted to the new platform. The ones that weren't will have downloads available on archive.org, and I'll try to redirect URLs there if possible.

My priorities for development are to keep this a living, active platform.  But I also want to preserve the past and keep us part of the fabric of the web. So: no intention to throw things aside.

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