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Friends, last week I was listening to a podcast, and one of the speakers, in talking about a historical figure, said, "...He was dealt a bad hand of cards at birth, ..."
It's a standard metaphor, but it struck me that none of our typical card games really tries to simulate what it's like to live a life and play the cards that you're dealt.
I talked to Amita, Stavy and Michele Ann Jenkins and, based on their contributions and my own ideas, I wrote a first version of a ruleset for a card game that I think feels like living a life. It's half game of chance, half role-playing game.
Over the last few days I've been play-testing it with friends and family. I've had some great conversations with players about it, and every game has been worthwhile. So I thought some of you might like to try it and give me your feedback.
It just requires a standard 52-card deck, a pair of 6-sided dice, 2-4 people and some time and imagination. It takes about 15-30 minutes to play, and so far I've found it very rewarding.
I'd love to get your play notes, video of you playing if possible, questions or clarifications on the rules, and suggestions for changes.
Finally, I need some suggestions for a better place to publish a Markdown page.

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