flashrom flashrom@identi.ca

*FORMER* "Official" account of the flashrom maintainers, previously synced with flashrom_org on twitter. Now inactive.


  • Jonathan Kollasch jakllsch@identi.ca

  • cg909 cg909@identi.ca

  • Axel Beckert xtaran@identi.ca

    Zurich, Switzerland

    Geek; Sysadmin; Debian, Blosxom, and FreeWRT Developer; Hackerfunker; FSFE Fellow; JAPH; 2CV and CX Driver; Recumbent and Brompton Bicyclist; http://axel.beckert.ch/

  • Neustradamus neustradamus@identi.ca


  • Uwe Hermann uwehermann@identi.ca

    Debian, coreboot, flashrom, sigrok, and libopencm3 developer. Free Software and Open Hardware enthusiast and contributor.