fwix fwix@identi.ca

Software developer, hacker and tinkerer / #GNU #Debian #python #openwrt #arduino #openmoko #N900 #maemo user / #afpy #april #gwadalug member


  • pipolandi pipolandi@pumpity.net

  • Lydie lydief@identi.ca

    Seine et Marne

    Professeur des écoles - Académie de Créteil

  • taziden taziden@pumpit.info


    Free Software and Internet (data)lover

  • Torstein Finnbakk tofi@identi.ca

    comunication, journalism, MC, motorcycles, writing, photography, blues, litterature, books, films, movies

  • 1g0r 1g0r@identi.ca

    Geneva, Switzerland

    I'm interested in Information science, poetry, sport, cooking, reading, freedom, skies & clouds / Well, "it's my first time on this planet."

  • moebius eye moebiuseye@identi.ca

    passionate programer. Free software lover. (Free as in "free speech".) Linux user number: #513938

  • jeannedhack jeannedhack@identi.ca

  • Gatitac gatitac@identi.ca

    Westfilderstadt, Germany

    Compte inactif, RDV sur https://www.belfalas.org/gatitac/ :-)

  • Pavel Andreievich andreievich@identi.ca

    Reallife im Fernstudium

  • denkyemone denkyemone@identi.ca

  • Alexandre G. Poltorak polto@identi.ca

    Free Software!

  • pablog pablog@identi.ca

    Geek, free software developer. I like cryptography and networks. @guifinet @bitvalley_cc @15Mpedia @hacktivistas

  • Jean-Marc Liotier liotier@identi.ca

    Paris, France

    Infovore, father, photography, roller-skating, cycling, Africa, Free software, open networks, adventure, wargaming, cooking and more geekery

  • la gran k lagrank@identi.ca

    only is impossible what had not been tried

  • april.org aprilorg@identi.ca

    Paris, France

    Depuis 1996, l'April est un acteur majeur de la promotion et de la défense du Logiciel Libre

  • micuintus micu@identi.ca