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    Outdoor games and sports have a great role to play in our lives. Outdoors Café Magazine lets you know about Skydiving, Paragliding Destinations, Kite surfing Destinations, Best Bungee Jumping Locations, Places to Stay near Grand Canyon etc.



    Hi, I am JC John Sese Cuneta (謝施洗), a Filipino-Chinese Apostolic Christian ASEAN citizen and heritage that strongly believes in FLOSS/FOSS, the Free Culture movement, and DDFONs (Decentralized, Distributed, Federated, Open Networks). I am also a blogger, a writer, an analyst, community manager, who loves to read books, write poetry, and create fictional worlds. My blogs are at and My new homepage is currently under construction which will be at You can also find me on the following networks: Friendica: or or Twitter: Facebook: or

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