Giuseppe Calà

Tursi, Italy


  • Dario Freddi

  • Ivan Čukić

    Belgrade, Serbia

    KDE developer and Free/Libre software enthusiast, KDE e.V. member

  • owncloud

    web services under your control

  • Unhosted

    Non-profit movement to liberate people through separation of web apps from data storage.

  • Marco Martin

    KDE and Plasma developer...

  • Martin Gräßlin

    Neckarstadt, Germany

    KDE developer mainly on KWin

  • Rajit Vikram Singh

    New Delhi, India

    Linux, KDE enthusiast

  • Roozbeh Shafiee

    Isfahan, Iran

    If you're persian user you can follow my personal timeline on @roozbehonline in

  • Krita

    Krita - The Open Source Digital Painting and Drawing Suite

  • Frank Karlitschek

    Stuttgart, Germany

    KDE,, Social Desktop, ownCloud, Open-PC

  • Aaron Seigo

    KDE developer (Plasma!!), past President and board member for KDE e.V. , Free software enthusiast, world traveling Canadian, father.