Vince Aggrippino

Kampong Enteleben, Malaysia

From The US and Malaysia, I'm interested in Linux, FLOSS and Web Development.


  • Akari-chan


    Pues naci hace un puñado de años, y aqui ando... Usuaria de Jabber/XMPP, GNU/Linux+Plasma, y la red Pump.

  • Kyosuke


    {inserte biografia aqui}

  • philslade

    in West Sussex, UK.

    I work as a gardener. Keen on Transition Towns - Not techy so running a Puppy Linux ( and Getting Started.htm ) live cd on an old XP box

  • Angey oldman

  • sten


    The Free Software Desktop Project

  • Philip Newborough

    Lincoln, United Kingdom

    The bodger of CrunchBang Linux. Interested in all things to do with code, design, GNU/Linux, faeries, pixies & robots.

  • Sebastian

    South West England, United Kingdom

    I am a member of two Mageia teams, Atelier and Quality Assurance, but also the founder of Freenode IRC channels such as #mageia-social.

  • Malaysia Open Source Conference

    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    Malaysia Open Source Conference and Google Group archive feed to using

  • bassburner

  • Maverick

    between 0s & 1s

    Tech enthusiast, lover of *nix systems, Likes #Free / #Libre & #Open #Source Software, #GreenComputing, #Cloud, #InfoSec wannabe, #burma, #myanmar


    I don't want to live here anymore.

  • Hezy Amiel

    Ruẖama, Israel

    A physics teacher and a science fan. User of free software, student of interesting things.

  • Harish Pillay

    human, hacker, engineer, hashman, son, husband, father living 1 deg North, 103 deg East

  • Pete Daniels

    The City, MN

    The brand you trust! Look for it wherever the shit hits the fan! Now writing on baseball at and baseball history at

  • the_remora

    Charlotte, United States

    Linux, fedora, fixing computers and Mandalorians

  • Renich Bon Ciric

    Guadalajara, Mexico

    Creative Commons musician and GNU & Linux consultant.

  • Nathan W

    Portland, United States

    nerd who likes linux, beer and home-cookin'

  • Florian Diesch

  • Billy

    Brooklyn, United States

    poet | geek | world citizen | moved to my own pump