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Dark gtk3 themes

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Ok, last night was a horrible Free computing experience.

I was meditating/stretching listening to some much from my laptop hooked up to my big 24" monitor. The album ended and I wanted just another 30 minutes so I unlocked the screen.

My music player of choice, gmusicbroser, doesn't have themes (most apps don't) and was blaring at me in almost all white.

I quickly started looking for a dark gtk3 theme.

Theme 1: Came in a deb and depended on some other obvious packages. Good thing. Installed and it caused a complete meltdown of GNOME; no apps would open and after a minute or so gnome-shell just died. [Solution: TTY1, sudo apt-get remove it, reboot]

Theme 2: Previous theme was from 2011, so let's go to and sort by recent activity. Good, found one. That one, however, would kill nautilus (file browser) if I tried to open a second tab in it. Removed.

Theme 3: This one seemed to be working pretty well, until I wanted to go to bed and asked my computer to suspend. Somehow a fucking theme was preventing my laptop from suspending.

Seriously, has the world given up on dark themes? Do we not care about our user's eyes at night?

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Ahh, yeah, no such thing (at least installed by default) for GNOME.

Greg Grossmeier at 2014-06-17T21:33:14Z

"no such thing (at least installed by default) for GNOME."

Jesus, really? How barbaric.

Pete Daniels at 2014-06-18T01:05:27Z

4 months late - but I swear, I log in to like maybe twice a year?  Anyways, I had pretty much given up on installing *any* custom themes in Gnome 3.  Thankfully, emacs, blender, and krita were all things I could configure to have (or already had by default) dark themes and I run them full screen.

My fix for other situations is to bind "xcalib -invert -alter" to super+return (or some other key combination) to invert all colors on the screen.  This is partly because of a longtime frustration with firefox contrasting with dark themes

In a "perfect" world, there would be a gtk3 theme that mimics blender's default theme that I could easily use, and a firefox plugin to allow me to invert a page's contents by default, and de-invert it if I feel like it is necessary for that page.

Aeva Ntsc at 2014-10-31T21:04:37Z

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