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Currently taking home office desk suggestions.

* Not stupidly expensive
* ergonomic (keyboard tray at a correct level, bonus if adjustable height tray)

Nice to haves:
* Adjustable height of the desktop from sitting to standing (that probably means stupidly expensive)
* drawers for putting things in
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But this makes me think of our old idea for a coffee table on pulleys suspended from the ceiling of Sandy's Limit. I still that's money.

Pete Daniels at 2014-06-20T17:35:32Z

X11R5, Greg Grossmeier likes this.

Why do you have to adjust the desktop height rather than just having a standing height desk and a tall chair you can choose to sit on or not?

Pamela Chestek at 2014-06-20T19:16:13Z

Pamela: mostly because I don't find the arm bend/wrist angles of those setups pain free.

I have a standing desk at the office. A really fancy one, in fact:

Basically, without a keyboard tray, you're making the height of your keyboard higher (because keyboards aren't 0mm tall, even apple ones ;) ) than the rest of the desk. A keyboard should be set lower than the height of a surface you would feel comfortable writing with pen and paper on.

So... point being, while I'm all for standing, I also worry about my wrists so I want to maximize that as much as possible. I'm willing to go a little not-perfect-ergo when standing (as I don't stand 100% of the time) if I can have a correct wrist setup when sitting.

BUT! you're right. That setup is a lot like what my boss uses (a standing desk plus a tall chair/stoll thing) and he likes it.

Greg Grossmeier at 2014-06-20T19:24:18Z

Sidenote: I find it funny that a company making ergo desks (granted, very stylish/designery ones) shows them off with apple keyboards. Those things are the flat out worst keyboards for long term use.

Kinesis for life!

Greg Grossmeier at 2014-06-20T19:26:33Z