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I can't seem to find the stereo I want. Can you help?

It's a pretty simple feature set:
  • 2 speakers
  • CD player
  • AM/FM radio
  • network support (ie: DLNA) via ethernet or wifi
    • specifically mp3, ogg vorbis, and FLAC support
The best I can do is this Onkyo CS-N755:

It has it all, but for $500 I can't believe there is nothing cheaper. I don't need audiophile speakers/capacitors :)


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Luis: Without a UI on the actual device it's a non-starter for us. Having to use a phone is a no go when you have a 2 year old on your head (literally).

Craig (@snapl) recommended a Squeezebox, which does have a UI on the device. So there's that.

But dangit people, how hard is it to include an AM/FM radio? And a freaking CD player?!

Consumer electronics greatly disappoint me.

Greg Grossmeier at 2013-11-09T06:19:44Z

Finally, something with 2 speakers and AM/FM along with network capabilities for $250:

Getting closer!

Greg Grossmeier at 2013-11-09T06:36:53Z

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Alright, after too much research and loss of faith in humanity, I'm going to rig something up with a Squeezebox for DLNA/streaming capabilities plugged into (via stereo rca jacks) a standard CD playing, AM/FM listening shelf system.

man, seriously?

Greg Grossmeier at 2013-11-09T07:36:53Z

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@greg: That's probably the best way to go for now. Unfortunately as you've discovered adding the Internet to consumer devices is hard. Unless you're Apple in which case it's the manufacturers who are busily trying to add you.

Craig Maloney at 2013-11-09T13:13:20Z