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Idea for Using of federated social media for building a free software conference.
The following transactions could be carried out on a federated social network and pulled into a conference website. The transactions could be expressed in blog posts or tweets or other media with links. We can define microformats or tags or schemas that are parseable by the programs to consume the resources. Each visitor should be able to pull all the resources in using web urls and create a complete view of the conference. People support or express interest with retweets or favorites. If needed we use keybase signed messages to avoid fraud. Bitcoin payments could be used for resource commitments. All of these transactions could be private or public and shared with who you like on the network.
  1. Visitor declares interest in hearing a talk on topic X
  2. Visitor can also invite speaker to speak on topic X
  3. Speaker declares interest in speaking on topic Y, adds links to supporting web resources that express expertise
  4. Speaker proposed talk on topic, link to abstract
  5. Place declares availability for on time and space for hosting 
  6. People propose possible location
  7. People propose possible time or express reservations about a time.
  8. People express availability for on time and space for listening
  9. Speaker declares availability on time and space for speaking
  10. Speakers or Place declare needed resources before they can be used (cost)
  11. Visitor pledges to cover resources needed.
  12. People propose possible sponsor.
  13. Sponsor pledges to cover resources needed.
  14. An organizer proposes a possible schedule/solution that satisfies the requirements. At any time anyone is able to view the possible items. There can be many possible solutions.
  15. Schedule is finalized by votes. Each schedule item is assigned a unique ID. Schedule items can be canceled or updated as well. Pledges are pulled in.
  16. People look for others who are traveling to carpool or share resources
  17. People look for places to stay near the event. Possible locations are posted and made available. Sharing is possible.
  18. Meetups and micro events are posted and people go there around the event.
  19. Speaker post slides of the talks.
  20. Speaker post code related to the talk.
  21. People post questions and raise issues about the talk.
  22. People record and post videos of the talks.
  23. People post comments about talks or blog posts about them.

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Do you know the RMLL?  They did that every year for a long time.

René Mérou at 2021-07-16T16:59:15Z