Hobart Itra Iqualitá Queanu-Xchotlea hobitriqx@identi.ca

Vienna, Austria

Arbeitsbereich für HomoBiTransInterQueer*-Angelegenheiten an der ÖH Bundesvertretung


  • Py Mayly mayly@identi.ca


    #opensource #vegan #journalism #animalrights #wagenplatz #hamradio call sign OE1GIS — I will always be puzzled by the human predilection for piloting vehicles at unsafe velocities.

  • qrev qrev@identi.ca

    Gender in the blender!

  • dasWildeLachen daswildelachen@identi.ca


  • Cyber Fnox fnox@identi.ca

    nerd ⬦ geek ⬦ anarchist ⬦ paranoid ⬦ cycling ⬦ sysadminster ⬦ activism ⬦ media ⬦ security ⬦ tv show junkie ⬦ opensource ...

  • jackie / Andrea Ida Malkah Klaura jackieklaura@identi.ca

    Vienna, Austria

    Scattered identity somewhere between Science & Technology Studies, Informatics/Computer Science and Education.

  • Martha Testovich marthatestovich@identi.ca

    Vienna, Austria

    ..doing this, doing that.. | sometimes into geeky computer stuff, sometimes more into theories about technoscience | technofeminist attitude

  • Progress Magazin progressmagazin@identi.ca

    Vienna, Austria

    Progress das Magazin der österreichischen HochschülerInnenschaft; www.facebook.com/progressdasmagazin