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I grew up playing the D&D Basic red box version

Dungeons & Dragons is almost 40 years old. And as the beloved tabletop game nears middle age, D&D publisher Wizards of the Coast has been courting the nostalgia of older gamers for the last year with new version of classic tomes, from reprinted 1st edition rulebooks to hundreds of forgotten and out-of-print gaming products now downloadable as PDFs from their website So if your original Dungeon Master’s Guide got tossed back in the Reagan Administration, now’s the time to grab a brand new copy of your favorite version of D&D.On November 19, the granddaddy of all reissues arrives: a new, deluxe edition of White Box (aka “Original D&D), the very first D&D set published in 1974. Original White Box sets are rare, and can sell for $500 or more on eBay. The new version (in an exclusive image above) retails for a still-pricey $149.99 in an illustrated wooden storage case, a homage to the Original D&D’s brown wood-grain cardboard box.