anarchist IVANOV

Yaroslavl', Russia

Participant of Association of Anarchist Movements since 2003. Member of League of Individualist Anarchism and Alliance of Libertarian Left since 2009.


  • Nestor

    Moscow, Russia

    hard anarhist

  • Яна Волина

    Saint-Petersburg, Russia

    I'm a small hedgehog.

  • Кот ученый

    Фотограф-любитель :) Интересы многочисленны и разнообразны. Граммар наци. Люблю кошек. Интересуюсь анархизмом.

  • sofias. pink

    i like sugar, green things and designing systems. i think following orders, acting normal and being natural is quite a waste of time.

  • O01eg

    Bryansk, Russia

  • George Donnelly

    Author of dystopian, conspiracy and space opera science fiction novels. Freelance tech blogger. In cryostatic exile, Topopolis-1, near-Earth orbit. INTJ.