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I also notice that the video refers to the operating system as "GNU Linux", without an audible "slash" or "plus", this is something the FSF (via the GNU Project) advises against doing: https://www.gnu.org/gnu/gnu-linux-faq.html#whyslash

It makes it sound like GNU is just another distribution, like how there's "Ubuntu Linux", "Red Hat Linux", etc. Using "GNU" that way makes their insistence on calling the system "GNU/Linux" seem unjustified, because it deemphasises the rest of their long standing work.

It's still a great video, second only to the one with Stephen Fry, however, it looks bad to have contradictory terminology and information in a video about something as monumental as FSF's 30th birthday.

Also, /usr/lib is a bad place to compile software ;-)

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