Jephrei Carlos

Brooklyn, United States

i am a vertebrate.


  • James Michael DuPont

    Hopewell, NJ

  • Tony

    Toronto, Ontario

    Just a normal guy. Just like to chill,relax and spend time with the family. Crave the internet often.

  • Dylan

    Central Coast, NSW, Australia

    Proud dad. Open source advocate. Gentoo user. Central Coast Mariners fan. explorer. I have 20 years experience dying stupidly in nethack.

  • Evan Prodromou

    Montreal, Quebec, Canada

    I wanna go cool places with you.

  • Andy C


    Listen, this isn't about you, it's about me. I just need some space.


    I don't want to live here anymore.

  • Brandon Atreides

    Canadian researcher who is exposing marxist socialist traitors and government plans such as chemical spraying from military aircraft.

  • Michael R. Bernstein

    Albuquerque, United States

    Python web developer and consultant, science-fiction fan, American-Israeli dual national. Code for America Fellow.

  • null



  • Hezy Amiel

    Ruẖama, Israel

    A physics teacher and a science fan. User of free software, student of interesting things.

  • Daniel Stevens

    Godstone, United Kingdom

    I love mixed martial arts, playing my guitar, keeping healthy and using my bong!

  • DigitalAngel

    Burton, United States

    Schon morgen ist heute gestern...

  • frankenspock

    Whitepine, United States

    Spent the night in the map room. I humanize the vacuum.

  • Dvd Mrsdn


    Another url, another planet.

  • Ed Fonseca

  • Haris bin Ali

    Kampung Tongka, Malaysia

    moving back in?

  • Ryan Rix

    Phoenix, United States

    Hacker, geek, Free Software advocate. I listen to music, hack Plasma, and go to college; I like to explore the world around me.

  • kajarii

  • Nicholas Nawrockyj

    Cockermouth, United Kingdom

    Nice chap forced to whore out his "talent"... Sick On Your Shirt -

  • Dr. Matt Lee

    New England