Jim Tittsler jimt@identi.ca

Te Anau, New Zealand

Open Source in Python, Javascript/CoffeeScript, Erlang/Elixir/LFE, Go, Clojure, Forth. WikiEducator developer. Ham radio operator ZL2IA/AI8A/7J1AJH.


  • Benjamin Stewart bnleez@identi.ca

    Aguascalientes, Mexico

    EFL Teacher Educator/Researcher

  • Wayne Mackintosh waynemackintosh@identi.ca

    Kekerengu, New Zealand

    Learning should be free for all students of the world. Lets build these futures together

  • Mark Osborne mosborne01@identi.ca

    Point Resolution, New Zealand

  • mustard mustard@identi.ca

    I'm an android client for StatusNet

  • Erik Moeller eloquence@identi.ca

  • Brion Vibber brionv@identi.ca

    Portland, Oregon, United States

    Wikimedia Software Architect & open source web developer; MediaWiki, StatusNet, and other goodies! Current ActivityPub-enabled home: https://bikeshed.vibber.net/@brion

  • Guy K. Kloss xemacs@identi.ca

    Auckland, New Zealand

    properly indented code keeps me happy