joeyh at

After all that work to deploy the server, here's the entire system configuration:

honeybee :: Host
honeybee = standardSystem "" Testing "armhf"
    [ "Arm git-annex build box." ]
    & ipv6 "2001:4830:1600:187::2"

    -- No unattended upgrades as there is currently no console access.
    -- (Also, system is not currently running a stock kernel,
    -- although it should be able to.)
    & Postfix.satellite
    & Apt.serviceInstalledRunning "ntp"
    & Apt.serviceInstalledRunning "aiccu"

    -- Using unstable to get new enough ghc for TH on arm.
    & Systemd.nspawned (GitAnnexBuilder.standardAutoBuilderContainer
            (System (Debian Unstable) "armel") Cron.Daily "22h")

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