websocket overhead

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Does sending a message to a websocket really use 250 bytes of bandwidth for websocket stuff? Seems to in my tests..

Annoying ... I've relentlessly whittled my protocol down to 75 byte packets from 170+ using some fairly serious hackery. And now all this additional overhead!

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Wireshark says yes.. A 183 byte websocket frame contains 95 bytes or so of data. And then there are some 86 byte TCP ACKs..

joeyh at 2017-04-27T20:43:35Z

Really annoying thing is, I'm only using http because of port blocking. We can tunnel anything over http websockets, which makes port blocking irrelevant, at a cost of many extra bytes. And of course that reduces pressure for ISPs to not block ports. Progress.

joeyh at 2017-04-27T21:09:28Z

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I guess if I really care about BW, I'll make it try a non-http connection and fall back to http + websockets..

joeyh at 2017-04-27T21:10:23Z

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