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SF novella starts that way, and also is Vinge fan-fiction... mmmmmm

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Yes! I love the series, and I'm hanging on the guy's vanity freenode channel. He's the author of Hypothesis, a Python implementation, but not really a port, of the QuickCheck concept.

Claes Wallin (韋嘉誠) at 2017-05-26T05:41:23Z

This reminds me of doc/unfinished/free-software-sf-essay which I see got left at an 80 line outline. Anyway, the root idea of that essay, if I ever finish it is that there's really surprisingly little SF that engages with free software concerns and ideas.

The only books I know of that do so at all are by Vinge, Stephenson, Doctorow, and Egan.

joeyh at 2017-05-26T06:02:57Z