I increasingly want that little padlock to look like a 4 leaf clover. If you're very lucky it's secure.

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What could possibly go wrong:

So, Cloudflare can get a cert for any domain belonging to their customers, and will soon be doubling the number of https sites on the internet by doing so.

And, Cloudflare gets this cert from Comodo, which has in the past given fraudulent certificates for to the government of Iran. And which was only not blacklisted from browsers because too big to fail.

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@sudoman thanks, that's interesting. doesn't look that active, but it's something. it really annoys me that neither the home page nor the github repo says anything about status. I updated the wikipedia entry though. ^_^

Mike Linksvayer at 2014-09-30T02:50:36Z

There is (or was, I haven't heard anything about it in some time) also something called Perspectives, which I believe is/was similar to Convergence. at 2014-09-30T02:56:34Z

Also when you asked if I had any schemes in mind I totally blew #vaugejoke opportunity.

And OMFG, searching for any context (never was hardly any) I find, this month

Mike Linksvayer at 2014-09-30T03:05:35Z

Andrew E likes this. OMG, where did you buy that toilet paper?!?!? :-O

Andrew E at 2014-09-30T03:49:56Z