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A sixteen year old today, perhaps taking a high school civics course, has spent half their life with a president not originally elected by the popular vote.. and can expect this to continue to be the case at least until they're 24.

Wonder what that will do to youth voting levels even more going forward.

And the really smart and ambitious students... Well, if you clearly don't live in a democracy, you make different sorts of long term plans. likes this.

I think the diplomatic cables release from WikiLeaks several years ago showed that we really had no idea what a functioning democracy looks like. Now we have some idea. It involves a lot of backroom deals.  Plus, as you mention, the obvious badness of the electoral college.  Well, for everyone who doesn't live in a swing state, our votes never affected the elections. And that's an old story. :-/

Douglas Perkins at 2016-12-02T03:09:31Z