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Just learned about a massive git-annex deployment, spanning multiple organizations, 100 terabytes of data, and with complications including mailing hard drives, Debian VMs on Windows, and custom GUI interfaces. Hoping I can share some details sometime, it's awesome!

The really great thing about it is that when they're older, my great-neice and nephew will quite likely at some point use some of this data. This is all about preserving an important part of their cultural heritage.

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Ah, I suppose this is one of the institutional sponsors and that this is what you can disclose at the moment. Very cool to hear, thanks for sharing.

Claes Wallin (韋嘉誠) at 2013-11-14T07:31:57Z

Also: you have a great-niece and a great-nephew?

Evan Prodromou at 2013-11-14T16:21:14Z

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