Early access: Sailfish OS 1.1.6 Aaslakkajärvi

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Early access for opt-in users: Sailfish OS 1.1.6 Aaslakkajärvi with private browsing and more!

  • Search emails by keyword via the pulldown menu in Mail app
  • Ability to select and mark multiple emails as read/unread
  • Private browsing mode in Browser
  • Detailed new on memory (disk) usage usage via Settings > System > 'About Product' page (tap on the Memory usage info circle)
  • Import calendar entries (.vcs, .ical) transferred to your phone via Settings > System > Transfers to Calendar app
  • Option to send read receipts to senders of MMS messages (Settings > Apps > Messages)
  • Show notification if an email attachment cannot be opened
  • View phone number of a contact in the call log via tap-and-hold on the call log entry.
  • Notification on file system getting full in Events view indicating that some data should be moved out from the phone memory
  • Voicemail notifications UI - availability differs depending on countries and operators
  • Reset MMS settings to default values from the pulley menu in Settings > System > Mobile network > MMS access point page
  • Better OS upgrade handling
    • OS upgrade notifications update automatically in case there is a newer OS version available
    • Filesystem optimizations prior to installing OS upgrades. This will be effective from the next upgrade onwards.
  • We've recently received approval from Facebook on our new implementation. The account should now work after a re-login.
See Jolla Blog for more info, TJC for release notes and full changelog.

Things to note before/during the upgrade:
  • If you use phonehook from OpenRepos, uninstall it before upgrading.
  • If you use patchmanager, revert all applied patches before upgrading.
  • If your device is running software version lower than and have WareHouse app installed (i.e you are using OpenRepos), disable all openrepo repositories before attempting to upgrade your device.
  • Take a backup of your data before attempting to upgrade your device. A successful backup operation is indicated by a green dot in the UI.
  • Do not reboot the device while the update is in progress.
  • The device screen may blank out during the update process, you may waken the display by a short press on the power key to monitor the progress.

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