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That is good advice, which I will try to remember the next time I'm shopping for coffee, however, as I have a giant tin of Maxwell House Wake-up Roast, that won't be for a while. :(

My more immediate concern is with coffee/water/creamer/sugar ratios. My current measurements that aren't working are 1-1.5 TBsp grounds per 6 oz water with 2 TBsp liquid creamer and 1 TSP sugar per 6 oz brewed coffee. but that doesn't seem to be nearly enough.

My two main problems are
1) I don't necessarily like coffee itself as a foreground flavor, and prefer it in the background, but present.
2) I'm on weight watchers and under the current system, adding sugar is one of the fastest ways to add points to something.

I am willing to go artificial sweetener and sugar free creamer and even non-dairy powder if it would help.