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@zack: So the problem is that when I click on a link to a mail in org-mode, I get a brief flicker on the screen, and then emacs says "shell command succeeded with no output".

I've replaced "gnome-terminal -e" with "konsole -e" in the script; but reverting that change doesn't help either. Any ideas?

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No: "Path not pointing inside a maildir:"

Interesting. Why is this?

Karsten Gerloff at 2013-11-22T09:41:50Z

great, at least we have found the problem now :)

1) does "notmuch search id:MESSAGE_ID" work?

2) please add "set -x" to mutt-open invocation, and show me (ideally via some pastebin) the full output

PS be back later

Stefano Zacchiroli at 2013-11-22T09:49:32Z

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re 1): yes, that works.

re 2): Where exactly should I add this?

Karsten Gerloff at 2013-11-22T10:09:52Z

JFTR I had a similar problem a few days ago. I'm using uxrvt instead of gnome-terminal. Here is the relevant modified line in .emacs:

    (format "urxvt -e bash -c \'%s %s\'"

I had to call bash before calling mutt-open, but I think this might be
something urxvt-specific.

The relevant note: The "sleep 0.1" hack of mutt-open didn't work for me in urxvt. I had to use an ugly "read" in order for mutt to receive the push commands.

Just my two cents.

Raúl Benencia at 2013-11-22T12:43:00Z