Tom Tishken

trying to get pumpa to work

Tom Tishken at

this seems to be a very awkward client, or let me say not what i am used to with xmpp. Any suggestions for XMPP?

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yes, they are different. i did see somewhere that there was at some point proposed support for xmpp. i am not finding any working links.
so for now i will play with and see if i can get used to its web interface.

Tom Tishken at 2017-05-03T11:01:07Z

You don't need to get used to the web UI. There are at least 3 desktop clients, there are CLI clients, and there are mobile clients.

Your choice. The web UI is way more limited than Pumpa or Dianara.

JanKusanagi at 2017-05-03T11:18:17Z

when i ntry to share a item from the activity tab, it takes me to the web interface.

Tom Tishken at 2017-05-03T17:55:21Z