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Team creating free and open source software, offering an advanced graphical desktop and a wide variety of applications for GNU/Linux.


  • Tupulpo tupulpo@identi.ca


    dom i ogród - kobieta #rodzina # dziecko finanse blog Blog lifestylowy i poradnikowy - https://Intermedialna.pl - Lifestylowy https://identi.ca/tupulpo

  • Wachtmeister Wachtmeister@hotpump.net


  • jpope jpope@microca.st


    Does the Pope shit in the woods?

  • Luis Ángel Fernández Fernández lafdez@identi.ca

    Zanzabornín, Spain

    Linux, Software libre, C, C++, Qt, KDE, Baloncesto, Slot

  • Tom Gordon tfgordon@pumpdog.me

    Berlin, Germany

    Open source software developer of argumentation technology for social media, law and politics. Advocate for sustainability, permaculture, democracy, civil liberties and human rights. Musician (blues, folk, Irish trad). US American living near Berlin, Germany.

  • Miguel Anxo Bouzada mbouzada@identi.ca

    Vigo, Spain

    Co-developer of distribution for obsolete computers, GALPon MiniNo. Free Software translator into Galician and Spanish.

  • Paurf3 paurf3@pumpity.net

  • bensonmum bensonmum@1realtime.net

  • Arnold Fernández R. arnoldfiarn@identi.ca

    Provincia Constitucional del Callao.

    Profesional del área de Ingeniería Ambiental y de Recursos Naturales.

  • Guido Arnold guido@identi.ca

    Bad Vilbel, Germany

    Free Software enthusiast. Particularly interested in: Free Software in education, Free Knowledge and Free Culture. I don't really use this account anymore. You'll find me more active on Diaspora: https://pod.geraspora.de/u/ga

  • alex-l alex-l@urmf.net

    Lecce, Italy

    I am a supporter of Free Software, Open Data, copyleft and liquid democracy. I usually use Debian and Arch. I am a lover of Plasma and other KDE software. In particular I love project like Kubuntu, Chakra and Netrunner-OS. I love music, especially classical music, rock, metal, jazz and blues. I am currently studying to become an engineer of music and sound. I'm vegan and I collaborate with other activists to promote an ethical and sustainable consumption and in general for the rights of people and animals. I speak Italian and English. I'm trying to learn Esperanto.

  • Javier C.J.Q.C@mipump.es

    A Coruña

  • Blah blih bloh chtfn@identi.ca

  • Kate J Davis eutouring@identi.ca

    Clacton-on-Sea, United Kingdom

    http://www.eutouring.com Kate Davis - European traveller and author of travel to guides to Paris holidays for a holiday in Paris.

  • Andrea Scarpino ilpianista@fmrl.me

    Lecce, Italy

    Account mainly used for Choqok tests. Please follow me at ilpianista@functional.cafe instead. Software developer involved in FOSS (Choqok dev, former Arch Linux dev and more). Privacy and Open Source evangelist.

  • Etemenanki etemenanki@identi.ca


    Agrohacker, guitarrista flamenco y programador. (Precisamente en este orden.) Defensor del Software Libre y de las gominolas. (Sobretodo las de Haribo.) Uso Debian GNU/Linux + KDE Plasma, Jabber/XMPP, Dianara(Identi.ca(Pump.io)), GNU Social(StatusNet(Vinilux)) y Diaspora.

  • Luigi Toscano tosky@identi.ca

    Brno, Czechia

  • Crimsonglare Crimsonglare@urmf.net


  • xikufrancesc xikufrancesc@pumpdog.me

    Cozumel. Mexico.

    Con la excusa de que me gusta los temas informáticos, ando a buscar las cosquillas de los demás. «Lo importante no es lo que han hecho de nosotros, sino lo que hacemos con lo que han hecho de nosotros» Jean-Paul Sartre (1905 - 1980), filósofo y escritor francés.

  • OpenMandriva Association openmandriva@pumprock.net

    Planet Earth

    OpenMandriva Association manages some Free software projects, including OpenMandriva Lx—a GNU/Linux operating system. OpenMandriva is also the name of a worldwide community of people who are passionate about free software and want to lead in the creation and spreading of free code & content by working together as a community. | Website: openmandriva.org | Diaspora*: openmandriva@joindiaspora.org | Reddit: openmandriva.reddit.com