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I am having trouble keeping up, too.  It is so frustrating it won't all federate.  Knowing that this is due to greed rather than tech limitations.... grrrrr!  Meanwhile my books & blogs have been languishing, but I still have a pile of video editing to do before getting back to that.

The twitter bridge connecting my statusnet instance broke during the October election campaign, and then we had a server failure in November and I lost my statusnet instance altogether.  Bob's restoring what he can from the dead anupgrading it all to GNUsocial but he's still up to his eyeballs with other stuff, so it will likely be a while.  :(

Sadly political stuff has required my presence on the most dreaded social networks, Facebook and Twitter and G+, because that's where the online Canadian political action is.  What blogging I've done has been on Tumblr, and that's as much a social network as blog host.  Sometimes I can squeeze in visits here, even though I really can't.  And I miss the Fediverse.

But if W3C Social does what you suggest it might, I might consider forgiving W3C for letting copyright maximalists get their mitts on the video standard.

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