Linux Fest Conference ~ Kitchener ON

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Conestoga Linux Fest 2016

Sat, January 30, 9am – 4pmLinux Conference on January 30th, 2016 at
Conestoga College Doon campus in room 1E05
$5.00 at the door

 9:30->10:40: Bob Jonkman :: What is Free Software? 
10:40->12:00: Randy Kolenko 
12:00->1:00: Lunch (Pizza and Coffee :: A programmer’s favorite meal) 
 1:00->2:10: Ed Barsalou :: IOT Talk 
 2:10-3:20: Colin J. Mills :: LFS Educational?
 3:20-4:00: Unscheduled 
 4:00-4:20: Closing remarks. 
Organizer: Colin J. Mills (cjm) E-mail: 
Conestoga College, Kitchener Ontario Canada. 2nd Year Software Engineer. Some additional info at

***Note: It seems Google has quietly locked its calendar behind a registration wall; if you think you are sharing your calendar
(@BobJonkman is not pleased to discover the Watcamp local tech events calender he maintains has not actually been open to the public for some unspecified period of time...)

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