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I was asked if the recent Ottawa tragedy would make it easier for the government to pass laws increasing Internet "vigilance" 

The reason I've became so political is because the majority government we have is effectively a dictatorship courtesy of Canada’s unfair winner-take-all electoral system.

Although #Canada has had this unfair system for our entire history, until now Canadian governments have at least tried to give the appearance of representing all Canadians in spite of our unfair electoral system. We are meant to believe that whoever is elected will represent our interests in Parliament, even if we voted for someone else, which is what is supposed to make it a representative democracy.  

It might have worked that way in the beginning, when the only people who could vote were rich white men.  After all, one rich white man is likely going to represent the interests of all rich white men.  Things have changed since then.  We have indoor plumbing, and automobiles, the Internet after all.  And of course these days women and ethnic minorities  and even poor people are entitled to vote (for the moment, anyway.) 

When Prime Minister Harper finally got a majority he first he tried to play along with the fiction that governments elected under our “First Past The Post” (FPTP) electoral system represents all Canadians, not just his own supporters. 

But lately this myth has been blatently exposed as Mr. Harper has been dispensing with even the appearance of democracy, by limiting debate, making question more of a travesty than ever before, and passing laws that sail through the committee process without so much as a change in punctuation, no matter how valid, if such change is suggested by any other party.  Not because its the right thing to do, but because our broken system gives him the power to do it, and he can't help but flex his muscle.  

The reality is that our winner-take-all #FPTP electoral system gives him the authority to pass any law he wants any time he wants. 

Of course, such blatently undemocratic activity has certainly helped Mr. Harper's popularity to plummet.  Since he will be required to hold an election in 2015, the Ottawa tragedy provides Mr. Harper with a golden opportunity for “spin” that could put him back in power for yet another term, as well as a pretext for more laws that will crush our civil liberties online and off.  

(You may well recall that Mr. Harper’s government has previously put forward such "Lawful Access" legislation which would grant the security services carte blanche to spy on every aspect of our lives without even a shred of probable cause by using child pornography as the pretext.  We were fortunate that the public outcry stopped it then.  This time it may prove unstoppable.)

Mr. Harper must be increasingly concerned as the security services on his watch seem to act as though these things are law already.  

I myself find it distateful to have a government so eager to capitalize on the death of one young soldier at the hands of a disturbed individual. 

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