The Linux Foundation

San Francisco, United States

The Linux Foundation is a nonprofit consortium dedicated to fostering the growth of Linux.


  • mustafa


  • gdldqgf

    Trabuco Canyon, CA

  • tetchey

  • PaulWalter

  • Nicole


    Rlang newbie Masto: GS: Matrix: @funbreaker@tchncs.ed

  • zbert

  • 9fiter

  • ergoidem

  • Tom Tishken

    Grand Island, United States

    Look for me, KD4WOV, on,, twitter, friendfeed, foursquare, Freenode irc, facebook, google hangouts, and echolink (Node: KD4WOV-L). You can hear me over ham radio and if you hear me, give me a call. My background is electronic engineering, 2 way radio, computers, and technology.

  • Andrej Dundovic

  • F0rkDnB0rkD

    A Home for the Heartless

    A Home for the Heartless is where the Homeless Live

  • juansantiago

    Vigo, Galicia, Spain

    Diaspora*: xmpp y correo: gnusocial:

  • Michael Downey

    Portland, Oregon, USA

    Community management professional, digital activist, & cause builder. Open Source Director of Community for Digital Impact Alliance at United Nations Foundation.

  • Wilfred (Mr. W.)

    Goes, The Netherlands

    "The world is my country and my religion is to do good." #FSF, #FSFE and #ISOC-member

  • and2099


    Quem se define se limita... ;) XMPP: TOX ID: 13948843A7FB904818B9569A66A0E3538ED1DAAA23246A9F01B826D6AE5C6D569F2DCB38CA05 pgp-pubkey:

  • jacklfull

  • AJ Jordan

    Seattle, Washington

    20. FLOSS zealot. GitHub fan. Ultimate player. Stack Exchange addict. UNIX philosophy subscriber. Sysadmin. Conference attendee & speaker. Freshman in college as of fall 2017. I am the primary maintainer of, the principal author of StraticJS, and a comaintainer of PRISM Break.

  • c4bb4g3

  • Ben Pfaff

    San Carlos, CA

    Developer of GNU PSPP, GNU libavl, and other software. Cyclist. Father. Husband. Exchange student host.

  • nebi