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I got a wristwatch a couple of weeks ago, after not wearing one for years. I got tired of having to dig out my phone from a pocket to see what time it was, so I decided to try watches a try again.

I gave up on watches because they were uncomfortable, especially while typing. My wrists are thick enough that a normal watch band or bracelet won't fit, and even when one does, it sits exaclty where my wrist rests against he laptop or table when I type.

As a result, I would always remove the watch when typing, and also whenever I sat down. It turns out that's a really easy way for me to forget the watch behind when I stand up and leave. I've lost at least two watches by forgetting them in cafes.

For this new watch I've replaced the original bracelet with what they call a NATO band, and it's long enough that I can wear the watch a bit higher up on my arm. This makes all the difference. It's also much nicer than a metal bracelet thing, in general.

After these couple of weeks of nearly full-time watch wearing, I'm started to get used to having a weight around my arm all the time. I take the watch off mainly only when I go to bed. I paid for one that's a little bit more tolerant of water than normal watches: up to "200 meters" as the terminology goes, but that doesn't actually mean it's meant to be used normally under 200 meters of water. Should be good enough for normal use, while washing hands, doing dishes, or even taking a shower or going for a swim.

It's not a smartwatch, though. I decided that if I'm getting a watch at all, I'll want one that'll be with me until I upload myself to a computronium provider. I don't expect smartwatches to last more than a few years until either the hardware dies or the software becomes incompatible with whatever is going to happen in the future.
Same issues with watch straps, so for years before I got used to using a smartphone as a timepiece, I used a watch that clipped onto my belt loop like this one:

Michael R. Bernstein at 2015-07-02T04:34:15Z

which watch is it, out of curiousity?

The Anarcat at 2015-07-23T22:36:41Z