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Unacceptable excuses for bad behaviour in free software development:
  1. Linus and other kernel developers do it.
  2. You have self-diagnosed as having Asperger's.
  3. You value code quality over other people's feelings.
  4. You get angry a lot.
  5. You think other people are just wrong about everything.
  6. You thought of a funny insult.
  7. You're uneasy having people in the project who're unlike you.

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Number 3 ("code quality is more important than people's feelings") is often used to justify things like the Linux kernel development atmosphere.

Lars Wirzenius at 2015-10-06T15:50:03Z

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They believe bad behaviour is what gets them ahead because that's what got them where they are so far. We are somehow meant to feel sorry for them because they come from broken family backgrounds even though they are spoiled rotten.

jrobertson at 2015-10-06T17:16:08Z

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> because that's what got them where they are so far.

They could have gotten where they are so far in spite of (rather than because of) the behaviors. There's always the chance that several people saying "I'm not going to take this anymore" around the same time will shift momentum away from a previously-successful project or organization. at 2015-10-07T01:53:35Z

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@lnxwalt That's true, the person with the bad behaviour has typically proved they can make the grade, give the company what they want, work hard, demonstrate their talents. At this point they use their value as a kind of credit system to get away with behaviour that others don't seem to get away with.

jrobertson at 2015-10-07T05:53:13Z

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