Mark Holmquist

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So, bets on how many people are going to boycott Mozilla over fucking up the future of the web as compared to when Eich was promoted?

My bets are on "The EME implementation will actually draw them even more users", but then, I'm an optimist.

Use Iceweasel.

Seriously. All the good of Mozilla Firefox without the EME (I guarantee they won't ship it).

Greg Grossmeier at 2014-05-14T18:40:41Z

Firefox won't ship the proprietary part. I don't see clear grounds to exclude this from Iceweasel, other than to take a deliberate stand, which I hope they will.

johns at 2014-05-14T18:41:52Z

X11R5, Christopher Allan Webber, David Thompson likes this.

oh, my.  What has MOZ done now?

Mark A. Hershberger at 2014-05-14T18:51:54Z