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Guns Germs and Steel

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Traveling through #czech republic, #Austria, #Italy, #Slovenia and #Hungary🇭🇺 has given us the opportunity to gain quite a bit of knowledge not often taught in the US and even latin america, some of it was nice, other very troubling. We're lucky to have Jared Diamond join us on the trip through an Audio Book for some lengthy driving and plane rides, it provided key insights about history which we never had heard before, and should help to put a lot of people at peace with tons of human horrors and social differences. Check out his book: "Guns, Germs and Steel". Its an amazing scientific ride revisiting history explaining a lot of the "hows", its truly an epic endeavor and am so surprised by his dedication to writing the book. Although its a science & history book anyone wanting a scientific view of human evolution which can be used to help fight #racism through the use of science should check it out. Be warned, its a very very thick and often times dry read though... but there's a documentary about it available as well. For friends in #SF, let's host a movie night over it :D if you live in another city I recommend hosting your own viewing, its a very appropriate documentary for current times.