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The Universe And Lazy Evolution

Luis R. Rodriguez at in South of Market

Can the freedom of lazy civic duty lead to implicit #racism ? More importantly what's the best solution?

I think you'll have to unpack that. :)

I'll take a guess that you're asking whether lack of civic engagement reinforces existing patterns. I imagine that's context dependent. High civic engagement can disrupt existing patterns, or supercharge them, including racism.

There is no simple solution. Perhaps culturally trying to culturally make the core of civic engagement be protecting the rights of all?

Mike Linksvayer at 2014-06-04T17:28:49Z

Mike, I'm wondering not only if whether lack of civic engagement reinforces existing patterns, but actually can make them worse. As for issues with high civic engagement do you have any references I can go read, perhaps some historical cases?

What triggered my utterance was first watching the documentary on Banaz, available free on YouTube and then watching a few documentaries by the director, Deeyah Khan, in particular this one which addresses positions of lack of civic duty when issues on racism are not pertinent to one own's own race:

If high civic engagement can be detrimental to racism, and since culture is incredibly different to change, it would seem to me some cultural adaptability should be a requirement for immigration, in this case the lack of it is extremely dangerous for the families alone.

Luis R. Rodriguez at 2014-06-06T22:02:48Z

I was thinking of high civic engagement by racists, eg fascist activists, anti-immigrant activists.

Anyway, I think I see what you mean by implicit now -- not speaking up for abuses against women of group A that one would speak up if were of group B implies racism toward A?

I don't think the barely implicit racism of immigration restriction is the right way to address, not least because I don't think abuse is any more tragic because it happens in a geography where it usually is considered abhorrent vs one where it is relatively common.

Mike Linksvayer at 2014-06-07T02:46:08Z